First tip from me to you guys will be to get your hands on that perfect beige/camel coloured jumper that you can rock throughout winter season. I feel during winter season people tend to go back to their dark colours, its the opposite for me, just like any other season I love experimenting! I found my perfect beige jumper from Zara. Detailing on the sleeves makes it not-so basic. Styling them is very easy. I have already styled it in different ways. You can find more outfit inspiration on my INSTAGRAM.



Second tip would be invest in a longline wool coat. Firstly, because the fit of longline coats is more structured which instantly makes you look put together. It is well suited for work and otherwise. I would say go for a neutral colour to begin with because then you can pair it up with most of your outfits. For instance, the tan coloured longline coat  I am wearing in this photo is from Primark and was quite affordable. My next step would be to invest in the better version of this coat, maybe next winter 😉



I barely touch my skinny jeans anymore, since I got acquainted with Mom-Jeans (pictures above). They are the most comfortable pair of jeans, trust me. I love dressing them up with some chunky boots and a sexy shirt/blouse and it works perfectly when styled casually, with basic white t-shirt and pair of trainers! If you still don’t know what I am talking about, then my friend, you MUST go and get your hands on one of these ASAP 😛

P.S They are also helpful in hiding that belly fat! Just sayin 😉 And this was my third tip for you!!

My fourth tip would be to get yourself a pair of black thigh high booties. I never understood the charm until I got myself one of these. They look so stylish and you don’t need any effort whatsoever. You can style them up with skirts or dresses. I think I am going to get most wear out of them this season. I will link few for you all to check out.



My last tip would be to get your hands on few winter accessories like baker boy hat, beret and scarves. Accessories help to complete a look. Get your hands on big chunky scarves which can be statement in itself and keep you super warm too! Baker boy hats add a nice statement too to your outfits. They are available everywhere and are quite affordable too.





So, those are some staple points for you winter season. I always tell you guys, you don’t have to invest a whole lot to look stylish. Mix and match what you have in your wardrobe with some new pieces. Fashion is all about experimenting and finding what works for you.

Tell me your favourite WINTER TREND so far???

Till then

xoxo – A


My ICONIC Bag !! ft. Veritas

One of the most important accessory to pull a look together is a bag. At this point I want to ask you all a question, what is it that you look for in your perfect bag?

I am a huge handbag lover and I believe that a classic handbag can instantly uplift your outfit. For me investing in a bag that is classy and does the job of carrying my bare essentials is a seal deal. The round black sling bag from Veritas featured in this blogpost is stunning and has an appropriate amount of quirk in it.

I think a lot of you will agree if I tell you that I tend to use and overuse that one bag. I will carry it to professional events, or to dinner with friends just because I am too lazy to transfer the contents of my bag to another one, because lets face it, it is a TASK!!! So, if a bag compliments most of my outfits, then its a dream come true 😉

This round sling from Veritas has my heart at the moment. The shape is so on trend and it has appropriate amount of space to keep my phone, my cards and little bit of makeup. I tried to style it with different outfits just to give you guys an idea of how versatile this bag is.

For the first look, I wore a basic pair of mom jeans and white turtleneck. Since this look was very simple, I wanted to bring it up a notch. So, I paired my very OTT kimono with the bag, making my entire ensemble very boho-chic. The broad strap on the bag and the butterfly broach makes it even special.

veritas blog pic 4

veritas blog pic 3



Next look was very colourful just like autumnal sunshine 🙂 I paired my floral maxi dress with this tangerine roll neck jumper and the entire look was pulled together with my iconic sling bag. The look was very effortless and laid back but teaming it up with the right accessories gave it an edge. The golden hour gave these pictures a very dreamy look, don’t you think so too ?


veritas blog pic 1


veritas blog pic 2

I like to dress up according to my mood. Most of the time I like to be very basic and comfortable and sometimes I like to go over the top and let my best fashion game on. This bag compliments my different moods and different styles.

So, I have found my ICONIC BAG. Have you??


So, What do you do for a living ?

Penning my thoughts down after a really long time. Creativity doesn’t always knock at your door, and says “Oh, hey I am here, lets get to business” !! I have been just focussing on my content which I publish on Instagram and completely forgot why I actually started my blog in the first place. It wasn’t for gaining followers, or earning money (although it feels great when you are recognised for your work and get paid 🙂 ). It was a tedious process quitting my “well settled” job and starting something out of the box, something which I can call it my own, my baby. Some people encouraged me, some said “So this a hobby” , but almost everyone had this question that “So what do you do to earn money?”

I will not lie, but first year into blogging world, I did not get paid. It was disheartening and I started to question my capabilities and most importantly my decision to quit my job. When you are a Masters graduate and you stop working for 9 to 5 job, people question, parents doesn’t always agree with your decisions, not because they don’t find you capable, but because they worry about you and your life choices.

That one year was not easy for me, I was still figuring out so many things, how to build my network, how to create content which pleases everyone. In short, it was utter chaos! And two people in life supported my decision throughout, my husband and my sister. But slowly and steadily I started building network, started getting projects which actually paid!! You got to understand this, if you are starting something new, you have to be patient. Nothing comes easy in life, one has to hustle.

Moving to Belgium has been the best decision of our lives. Blogging is recognised as a profession here. People respect your work and most importantly I get to let my creative self be. I heard this line somewhere, and it goes, “ If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. Now I am in a very happy place, because of you guys and the community we have created. I love when you guys send in your questions or ask my opinion. It really encourages me to do something better each day.

But till today people ask me “What do you do for a living?

I AM A SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT CREATOR, and Yes, this is my full time job.

Sharing few pictures we clicked in my home, depicting resources can be minimal but if you desire strong enough, you can create wonders.

Check out the content that I regularly post on Instagram and Youtube.


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset



Processed with VSCO with a4 preset






Processed with VSCO with m5 preset





Hello loves,

How’s the chill in the weather treating you? Bangalore is experiencing weird climate change, one day its super hot and another day is super chilly! Something that we need to worry about my fellow earth inmates.

Ok, enough gyaan! Moving on to today’s blogpost which is all about Swedish Luxury watch brand DANIEL WELLINGTON. I was extremely lucky to be invited to Helios store in Phoenix market city last week to check out DW new CLASSIC PETITE COLLECTION which is endorsed by International Supermodel Kendall Jenner!

As the name suggests, this collection is feminine, classy, contemporary with intricate design keeping in mind today’s women who are go-getters, ready to conquer the world. This particular range has classic dials with mesh strap which are beautifully crafted, soft and lightweight. They are made from stainless steel and are available in three different colors, including, silver, rose gold , or black matte planting.

My heart was set on rose gold as soon as I checked their collection online before even visiting the store. But unfortunately, it was out of stock. But I did get to try ‘ CLASSIC PETITE STERLING’ with both black and white dial. I tried other collection as well because I just couldn’t resist ! All their watches are extremely beautiful and I can assure you that ‘CLASSIC PETITE DURHAM’ is going to be my next buy 😉

So what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest Helios store and check out their collections they are perfect to gift your someone special, or to just pamper yourself 🙂


Bodysuit: H&M

Paperbag trousers: Ginger by Lifestyle

Handbag: Lavie

I have shared few pictures from my visit to HELIOS STORE,PHOENIX MARKETCITY.

Find me on Instagram and Youtube.








तेरी मेरी कहानी…

You live life once, so why not do it on your own terms! Sounds film-y right? This blog is derived from my own life experiences of 20 odd years, so let me take you on a stroll, shall we?

I have been the kind of person who has difficulty in making decisions. (being really honest here) Which hampered me in choosing my correct career path. After giving 7 years of my life to a career that I never wanted to pursue in the first place made me question myself…Am I happy in my 9 to 5 job? The answer was very clear and right in front of me..

The moment was here, I took a decision for myself, my passion for fashion opened new avenues for me and here I am right in front of you all, writing and sharing my thoughts.

With the help of this look I am trying to portray, that you have to be fearless and fight your own battles. People will always criticise whatever you do, they will have something or the other to say about your decisions, but at the end this is your life, you have got to choose how you want to live it. First step is the most difficult, but in order to move forward to have to take that step.

I purposely chose the streets of Bangalore as my locations as they symbolise the people around you, constant judgement in their eyes, evaluating you and sometimes even criticising you for your choices.Its never too late to chase our dreams, you just have to start working towards them. So many people questioned the hardest decision of my life, some tried to talk me out of it and some even mocked me behind my back. And after one year I can proudly say, I did something right 😉

Processed with VSCO with  preset

In this look, I wore a maxi skirt as a tube dress, which explains you have to think out of the box. I was meant to do something creative but the question was, WHAT? Blogging gave me freedom to express myself creatively, it gave me a platform to prove myself to no one but me. I learn everyday, I hustle everyday and at the end of the day I feel satisfied, I feel happy to be doing this. I know the growth is slow, and at days it is slower but I am really thankful for the opportunities I am getting.


This past one year I have grown a lot as a blogger and as a person but there is still a long way to go. These beautiful lines from Robert Frost comes to mind as they truly capture the essence of my journey and journey of so many others like me.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

PS  Be your own kind of fighter


Concept : Recreating the hustle around

Photography: Husband a.k.a Aayush Kapur

Styling & Photo editing : Yours truly

Jacket : Max fashion

Skirt : Zinc London (NA)

Accessories: Thrifted



Hello everyone,

How was your weekend, mine was more than awesome as I got invited by Shivas Gateway for a Staycation !!!

Shivas Gateway is located in the outskirts of Bangalore city, near International Airport, away from the hustle and bustle of city, this quaint property gives you a much needed break from your usual busy life routine!

Enjoying Fresh Watermelon Juice !
Enjoying Fresh Watermelon Juice !

We(me and my husband) were fortunate to experience the hospitality this place has to offer. It is luxury at very affordable prices! We both have been really busy with our work since last month and were not able to spend time with each other, this was the perfect and much needed getaway to unwind and relax 🙂

Shivas Gateway has three different categories of rooms:

Standard Room: Rs 4100 plus taxes

Deluxe Room:     Rs 5100 plus taxes

Suite Room:        Rs 6100 plus taxes

Inclusive of Buffet Breakfast !! 🙂

Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room


What a view !!
What a view !!


Suite - Very very sweet ;)
Suite – Very very sweet 😉

The proximity to the airport makes it an ideal place for people who are frequent travellers and have flights at odd hours. They also offer airport pickup and drop for their guests.

The rooms are fully furnished with modern furnishings including double bed, side tables, lamps, sofas and study table. The colour theme was chosen smartly with darker accents wall and lighter side walls, which makes the room look even bigger. There is coffee/tea station for beverage lovers. Washroom is fully equipped with toiletries.

We got the opportunity to stay at their Luxury suite, which had the most amazing view of the highway on one side and lush green nature on the other! Staying there was dream like and I could hardly get over the fact that being surrounded by nature gives you sense of calmness.

Nandi hills is one of the most popular destination to visit for anyone visiting Bangalore, This place is also apt for people who are visiting Bangalore for weekend and want to explore places like Nandi Hills, you can take a halt and enjoy their buffet breakfast, sumptuous lunch or lip smacking snacks/starters 🙂

We tried variety of food including chilly fried vegetables prepared in barbeque sauce, Grilled Pomfret fish and their chicken sizzler is to die for with all the grilled veggies and sauce which was full of flavours! We also tried desi khana including Dal tadka and tandoori roti. We being big time foodie loved every bit of the experience, I have even heard that their biryani is something that you should not miss! 😉

I want to thank Mr. Sundar (GM) and Mr. Paul for their warm welcome and their amazing hospitality and Mr. Nithin Shivakumar for inviting me. We will definitely go back and this time it would be with our friends and family . And a big congratulations to Shivas Gateway for successfully completing one year. They are holding barbeque and grill day on September 3rd, 2017, there will be LIVE GRILL throughout the day with their yummylicious mocktails ! So, what re you waiting for , drive down with your loved ones and enjoy the whole experience.




My weekend Inspiration
My weekend Inspiration


Some greens :)
Some greens 🙂


Chilly Veggies
Chilly Veggies


For fish lovers !!!
For the love of fish !!!


Chicken Sizzler
Chicken Sizzler


Desi treat
Desi treat – Dal tadka



You can find me on Youtube and Instagram.

How I styled Denim skirts !!!

Denim skirts are new rage this time of the year with the fashion being all about 90s. Short denim skirts were a rage in back in the day and as we all know trends do come back. So along with wide legged pants this one also came back and its EVERYWHERE!

I have always wondered, Why do these returning trends come with such a big price tag ?

I looked up online for denim skirts and to my astonishment they all ranged between 1500 to 2000 INR and your girl wasn’t even close to spending that much on a skirt! So i waited and finally there started a SALE season (its one of my fav seasons btw 😉 again looked up online found two skirts one on and another on Reliance stores, ordered both of them for Rs 450 and Rs 500 respectively.

So point being that I am going to tell you guys how I have styled these denim skirts in a simple yet glamorous sort of way. If you are interested the read along babe 🙂

With slogan t-shirts

This is one of the easiest way to style your skirts. Grab a slogan t-shirt from your wardrobe and tuck it in. I paired mine with this blush pink crew neck t-shirt which I picked up from street shopping. This whole looks comes together when you accessorise it, and I did by putting belt around my waist, wearing some silver junk jewellery (they are my go to ), silver hoops and black ankle length booties. Since the weather in Bangalore is kinds chill nowadays i thew in a white mesh detailed bomber jacket ( From Lulu And Sky) on top. And with that I complete my first look. This look speaks 90s, with jacket and chokers and hoop earrings. All 90s girls will relate to this, we all grew up watching actresses wearing body hugging denim skirts and somewhere we wanted to dress up like that too, but trust me we never had our say while choosing our clothes because 90s mothers were STRICT! 😉






With bodysuit

Next look is more decked up sorta look, like you can wear this to party or something. I paired this skirt with wine coloured bodysuit from H&M. I love H&M for their basics, they are super soft and of extremely good quality. I layered this with one of Aayush’s (Hubby) shirt because apparently gingham is in trend;) accessorised the look with gold choker, gold rings, dark lips , black quilted sling and same black boots.

If you guys are following me from some time you would know my love for oversized clothes. I dig oversized clothes , they are extremely comfortable and you can style them in different ways. Many a times i do shop at men’s section in stores, especially in forever 21.



Whatsapp image



With mesh top

This is one of the sexiest ways to dress up your skirts. I paired it with black mesh top with embroidered roses. I got his top from  Mesh tops are so in vogue and they look absolutely stunning when paired correctly. I accessorised the look with same quilted sling bag, some gold bangles and same black booties. Since this top is sheer i wore a tank top within. There are different ways you can style them. You can also pair it with bralette inside and jacket on top, they also serve a good cover up for a bikini.




I am also planning to do a video with these lookbooks sooooon, so check out the space below in a week.

For more pictures, visit my instagram feed.

Also, if you haven’t visited my channel yet then click here.




Summer for me is equivalent to bright and quirky clothes which are stylish yet comfortable. So I thought, Let me put together some looks for you guys which in my opinion are extremely comfy for these Summers !!

I have put together 3 looks for you guys. I hope you can draw some inspiration from them.

Happy Reading! 🙂

Happy with Florals:

Florals are synonymous to summer, it gives that lift to your outfit. Here in this look I am wearing a pink and white floral midi dress from Alia Bhatt for Jabong collection, layered it up with my denim shirt, completed the look with black sling bag from Max and white shoes.I went ahead with bright pink lipstick to give that pop of color, rest of the makeup was kept minimal.


I absolutely love the vibrance of this outfit, it screams summer! This kind of look is perfect for a brunch date or day out with your girls.

From 2016 to 2017

The trend that we are carrying forward to 2017 is off-shoulder, cold shoulder and cut out tops .They were a rage last summer, they are still standing at the same position this summer too. Here in this look I am wearing a cold shoulder cut out red color top from Koovs and paired it with ripped denim jeggings (DIYed) .And just to give this look some edge I paired it with black shimmer canvas from Max India.


I went ahead and layered two chokers both from Westside. Chokers are the kind of accessory that is so easy to carry and one of the trend that is continuing this summer too!


Fusion at its best

You all must be knowing by now how much I love ethnic and fusion. Give me something ethnic and you have my heart. I love playing with them, pairing them up with my western outfits, some work and well, some don’t!  😛

This look right here has my heart! I wore a basic stripped shift dress from Lifestyle, threw on a mirror work Rajasthani jacket. This jacket has the most beautiful detailing ever, with the embroidery and pompoms, it looks so colorful and so summerish.


And who said you cannot pair ‘bling on bling’?? I went ahead and completed my look with some mirror work chappals which, FYI, I got from a local market in Kanpur for just 200 bucks!

DSC_0026 copyDSC_0059DSC_0003 copy

In all the three looks, makeup was kept pretty neutral and fresh as these are summer looks and no one wants tons of foundation on their face. I used a very light base with bright lippers just for that pop of color

You can also check out my video for some additional summer inspiration!

I am developing my own website, and will be posting my blogs there, please do check it out 🙂

Formals To Casuals

Hello there,

I hope you guys had awesome start to 2017! New year , new opportunities. Don’t wait for something to happen, just make it happen. Don’t be afraid to take decisions that can change your life J

And with that positive note let me introduce you to my new blog. And if you want to know how to convert a formal/semi formal look into a casual, more playful one, then please keep reading.


I call this ‘Formal on the go’ because its an effortless look that I have put together comprising of sleek pencil skirt from Forever 21 paired it with Black bodysuit from Koovs.

Processed with VSCO

Bodysuits are new found love. They are the super comfortable and gives you that perfect body tugged look, which makes it so effortless and chic. You can find them in brands like H&M, Forever 21, Koovs etc.

Processed with VSCO

You can pair them with skirts, high waist jeans or jeggings. The one I went with have these cold shoulder detailing which I absolutely loved! In my opinion you must invest in one of these.

I completed the look with nerdy glasses (which are my prescription glasses 😉 and black heels from Lifestyle. I kept my makeup minimal.

Processed with VSCO



Processed with VSCO



Using same key pieces I converted formal/semi formal look into fun and more casual kind of look.

Processed with VSCO

I just threw in an oversized sweatshirt and put on my trusty old sneakers! This look could not get any more comfortable. And to give the entire look a pop of color, I added a pink bag pack.

Processed with VSCO

Over sized sweatshirts are so in trend nowadays and the fun part is they look so cozy and comfy at the same time. You can dress them up or down according to your own preference and the best part is you don’t have to buy them, just steal it from your brother’s/ Boyfriend’s closet and you are good to go.

Processed with VSCOProcessed with VSCOI hope you guys like the two looks. 🙂

Till the next time



Winter Essentials

My favorite season is here!!

Hello there,

Winter has approached in its full bloom and personally this is my favorite season. But living is Southern part of India; I am not able to enjoy it to its fullest extent. So this blog is for my lovelies staying in places which do not experience much drop in temperature but enough to flaunt your cardigans, hoodies and slouchy jumpers! 🙂

I have put together three different looks for you girls for this winter season and by then end of this blog you will also be able to see the magic of layering clothes.


Get comfortable with cardigans


This look is pretty simple. I paired high waist boyfriend jeans from Forever 21 with basic black tank top and threw a slouchy black cardigan on top. I accessorized the look with long necklace and lots of rings. I completed the look with Rose gold chunky platform heels and tan sling, both from Westside.




Get Dressy this winter

Who said you cannot wear dresses during winters? Sure you can, but just make sure its not freezing outside 😉


Here I paired a high neck grey tunic from Forever 21 with black and white printed cardigan. This look is my personal favorite because you can dress this look up by throwing a belt around your waist and this will be perfect as formal wear.


I completed this look with brown ankle boots and back backpack from Forever 21(currently my favorite place to shop).


The Good Old Denims

I am all about high neck clothes this season. I have high neck tops, sweaters as well as dresses. They make perfect statements during winters.


In this look I paired this beautiful wine colored closed neck body suit from H&M with high waist boyfriend jeans and I layered it up with patch work denim jacket from Koovs. Patch works are in this season and they are here to stay. I completed the look with shimmer black canvas by Max Fashion.


I hope you guys liked the looks and find it helpful. I will write to you guys soon.

Till then enjoy winters! 🙂