21 Days of Fitness ft. THE NEW WEIGHT WATCHERS

My 21 days fitness journey with WW A month back I got an opportunity to embark on a fitness journey and you might have seen my updates in form of stories and posts on Instagram. Here I am, back again to share my experiences with you all about the new program “Liberty” from WW – The new Weight Watchers. My Definition of Fitness The definition of fitness and motivation to achieve the fitness goals that we define varies from person to person. For me, fitness is all about healthy eating with an active lifestyle which leads to healthy body which … Continue reading 21 Days of Fitness ft. THE NEW WEIGHT WATCHERS


A/W 2018 TRENDS First tip from me to you guys will be to get your hands on that perfect beige/camel coloured jumper that you can rock throughout winter season. I feel during winter season people tend to go back to their dark colours, its the opposite for me, just like any other season I love experimenting! I found my perfect beige jumper from Zara. Detailing on the sleeves makes it not-so basic. Styling them is very easy. I have already styled it in different ways. You can find more outfit inspiration on my INSTAGRAM. Second tip would be invest in … Continue reading HOW TO LOOK STYLISH IN WINTERS

My ICONIC Bag !! ft. Veritas

One of the most important accessory to pull a look together is a bag. At this point I want to ask you all a question, what is it that you look for in your perfect bag? I am a huge handbag lover and I believe that a classic handbag can instantly uplift your outfit. For me investing in a bag that is classy and does the job of carrying my bare essentials is a seal deal. The round black sling bag from Veritas featured in this blogpost is stunning and has an appropriate amount of quirk in it. I think … Continue reading My ICONIC Bag !! ft. Veritas

So, What do you do for a living ?

Penning my thoughts down after a really long time. Creativity doesn’t always knock at your door, and says “Oh, hey I am here, lets get to business” !! I have been just focussing on my content which I publish on Instagram and completely forgot why I actually started my blog in the first place. It wasn’t for gaining followers, or earning money (although it feels great when you are recognised for your work and get paid 🙂 ). It was a tedious process quitting my “well settled” job and starting something out of the box, something which I can call … Continue reading So, What do you do for a living ?


Hello loves, How’s the chill in the weather treating you? Bangalore is experiencing weird climate change, one day its super hot and another day is super chilly! Something that we need to worry about my fellow earth inmates. Ok, enough … Continue reading TICK TOCK TICK TOCK : DANIEL WELLINGTON

तेरी मेरी कहानी…

You live life once, so why not do it on your own terms! Sounds film-y right? This blog is derived from my own life experiences of 20 odd years, so let me take you on a stroll, shall we? I … Continue reading तेरी मेरी कहानी…